Friends of Österåsen

For more than 120 years, Österåsen has been a place for health promotion; in the form of a sanatorium, a hospital, a health retreat, and more recently as a centre for Lifestyle Medicine. The unique environment has always been considered important for convalescence and wellbeing.

The sanatorium site Österåsen

The Österåsen sanatorium is ideally situated on a natural plateau on the Österås hill with views to the south and protected to the north and northwest by tall coniferous forests and up to 80 m high hills. It is positioned approximately 150 m above the river Ångermanälven’s deep ravines and the river Faxälven’s roaring rapids, with the most enchanting views across the ridges of Ådalen with their fertile valleys and wooded hills. An area of approximately 50 hectares surrounds the sanatorium. Paths have been established within the area with extensive views to the south, east and north. Its favourable and beautiful location has, without doubt, contributed to the wellbeing of the patients who have been cared for here. 

Source: Konung Oscar II:s Jubileumsfond: Österåsens Sanatorium 1901-1926 

Friends of Österåsen is an independent and politically free-standing voluntary, non-profit association

Our aim is to:

  • Spread knowledge about the history of Österåsen and the activities there
  • Strive to improve public knowledge about lifestyle-related health issues
  • Contribute to public awareness about Österåsen as a place for recreation
  • Organise nature- and culture-related activities and events
  • Develop activities related to health, forests and gardens